September, School & Stress !

Hey folks!

It’s September which can only mean one thing… Summer is over and School is back in session (I can sense your enthusiasm😂)!! So with school being back in session, things can become a bit overwhelming and stressful; especially if you are a full time employee, have children and are trying to keep up with posting frequently.

To make a bit less stressful, I’ve listed a few things that may help you balance work, school and anything else that may become overwhelming during the school year.


  1. Create a schedule- If you find it useful, draw up a schedule for yourself each Sunday afternoon, one that details everything that you need to accomplish over the course of the following six days. Whether you create this agenda on a piece of paper or on your smartphone, you should note all of the tests, assignment due dates, work hours, and social events that are coming up. Afterwards, stick to your schedule diligently, and always fight the urge to procrastinate.
    • Tip: Organizers and planners are a great way to keep up with your daily/weekly and monthly activities. If you cannot get access to a physical planner try your smartphone. There are several applications designed to help you keep your life up to date and in order.
  2. Prioritize – Decide on your priorities and accept that something, somewhere, will have to give—and not just the housecleaning. Expect to take a pass on the occasional outing or weekend away. With so much on your plate, you can’t do everything.
    • Tip: It is important to be able to distinguish what is very important from what is somewhat important. Sometimes your going to have to miss out on a night out with friends to study for a final.
  3. Take care of yourself- Take regular breaks, get enough sleep, stay physically active, get out into the great outdoors and let yourself enjoy some of what life has to offer.
    • Tip: remember over working yourself isn’t always the best thing to do. Staying up all night to study for a test will not grantee you an “A”, Take it easy!!!

Lastly, remember that there is a significant reason to justify why you are working and going to school, so remember that reason and continue to strive. Constantly remind yourself of your goals, dreams and aspirations and strive for them.

As Always, Love & Peace

-Jaquasia C.



Happy Sunday

Good evening Ladies and Gents!

This is just your Sunday evening reminder that you can handle what ever this week throws at you.

No matter what you maybe facing, you need to constantly remind yourself that you are SO MUCH MORE STRONGER than what you are going through.

When things seem like they are being too much, you find your self stressed, overwhelmed or overworked… take a deep breathe, count back from 20, and remind yourself that “THIS TOO SHALL PASS”.

I hope you all of a Blessed and wonderful week. Put on your high heels (for the men throw on your best sneakers) and kick some A** this week!!!

As always,

Peace & Love

-Jaquasia C.

Happy Friday

Happy Friday Ladies and Gents.

TGIF- “Thank God It’s Friday” !!

It’s Friday Afternoon so must of you are either off of work or are currently getting ready to leave work. It’s probably been a stressful week and you can not wait to get home put your feet up and just RELAX!

Well if your like myself and plan on staying in for the evening with your spouse, children, friends (or all of the above) and you need something good to watch; I’ve got you covered!

I am going to give you a list of shows that’s are binge watch worthy as well as a few movies. Most if not all of these shows and movies can be found on either Netflix or Hulu but I will be sure to include that in the description.

Synopsis: This drama series stars Jason Bateman as Marty Byrde, a financial planner who relocates his family from Chicago to a summer resort community in the Ozarks. With wife Wendy and their two kids in tow, Marty is on the move after a money-laundering scheme goes wrong, forcing him to pay off a substantial debt to a Mexican drug lord in order to keep his family safe. While the Byrdes’ fate hangs in the balance, the dire circumstances force the fractured family to reconnect.

Where to watch: Netflix

Seasons: 2

Gents: Thiller/ Action/ Comedy

Synopsis: Jennifer Lopez stars as New York detective Harlee Santos, a single mother who runs with a group of dirty cops, taking her cut of the bribes and protection money to give her bright and promising daughter the best life possible and a leg up for a better future. However, all good things must come to an end and she is caught by the FBI, which forces her to turn informant on her cop family. Harlee struggles to walk a line between loyalty, honour and betrayal, all the while working to keep everything together for her daughter.

Where to watch: Hulu

Seasons: 3

Genre: Action/ Thiller

Synopsis: Eight strangers around the globe find themselves connected — first by a violent vision, then by their shared ability to connect with one another’s thoughts and actions, and finally by the urgent need to find out what happened and why. Their need to know goes beyond simple curiosity — as they pursue answers, a mysterious organization hunts them down, intent on destroying them.

Where to watch: Netflix

Seasons: 1.5

Genre: Thiller/ Sci-Fi

Synopsis:Two overworked and underpaid assistants come up with a plan to get their bosses off their backs by setting them up with each other.

Where to watch: Netflix

Seasons: it’s a movie

Synopsis: When Abbie is diagnosed with cancer, she embarks on a humorous mission to find a new love for Sam, her fiancé and best friend since childhood.

Where to watch: Netflix

Seasons: it’s a movie

I hope you guys enjoyed both the movies and shows that I have picked out this Friday. Come back next week to see what shows I have picked out for next week. And be sure to comment which shows you like or didn’t like!!

As always peace and Love

-Jaquasia C.

Try this: Essential oils for Anxiety and Stress

Good Afternoon, hope all is well!

Essential oils are a wonderful tool that can help relieve symptoms associated with anxiety and stress.

Aromatherapy is a complementary and alternative medicine practice that taps into the healing power of scents from essential oils extracted from plants in order to balance your mind, body, and spirit.

Essential oils can be diluted by water and diffused into the air or a few drops can be gently rubbed into acupressure points on the body. Studies have shown that specific essential oils used in aromatherapy can help relieve stress, relax the body, and promote better sleep.

Here are three essential oils that can help relieve stress and promote sleep.

1. Lavender essential oil is one of the most well-studied essential oils in terms of its relaxing effects. One study found that lavender oil aromatherapy calmed the nervous system — lowering blood pressure, heart rate, and skin temperature as well as changing brain waves to a more relaxed state. Lavender can also help with mild insomnia and provide better quality of sleep. Lavender aromatherapy has also been found to help reduce anxiety and depression in women with postpartum depression. Lavender has also been found to help reduce anxiety in many medical settings, such as dental offices, the intensive care unit, and during preparations before surgery.

The scent of lavender stimulates brain pathways, including our limbic system, which is connected to our emotional response and memories. Studies using electroencephalography (EEG), which measures brain waves, and brain imaging using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) show significant changes during lavender aromatherapy consistent with its relaxing effects.

You can purchase Lavender Essential Oil from for $6.99

2. Clary sage oil is extracted from the clary sage herb, a close relative of the common garden herb sage. Clary sage essential oil has been found to help people relax during dental procedures. Clary sage oil aromatherapy has also been shown to have antidepressant-like effects.

You can purchase Sage Essential Oil from for $9.99.

3. Jasmine has a sweet aroma and can be relaxing fragrance. Jasmine essential oil is less well-studied, but does have one study that suggests that the odor of jasmine tea can be calming.

You can purchase Jasmine Essential Oil from for $8.50

There are many more therapeutic essential oils to explore, that have a calming and soothing effect when undergoing stress and/or anxiety. I advise you all to give the above three and any others that you find a go. Let me know which ones worked best for you and which ones didn’t.


Love and peace

-Jaquasia C.

[Disclaimer: some of the information used was retrieved from the following websites: and]

Monday Motivation

“The future depends on what you do today.” –Mahatma Gandhi

Hey Ladies and Gents,

Monday is a day of beginnings and fresh starts. It’s a day where the week is before you and possibilities are endless. … So let’s make this Monday one of the good ones. Let’s start today off with positive vibes and gear towards our goals!!

REMEMBER: Don’t let anyone steal your joy this week. If you begin to feel overwhelmed or stressed, take a break do something that uplifts your spirits; go to the movies, read a book, do a little retail therapy etc.

“New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings.” –Lao Tzu

As always,

Peace and love

– Jaquasia C.