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I know you guys are probably super excited at the fact that I’ve been more active in reference to reading and commenting on post as well as uploading my own post! So first things first thank you all for liking, commenting, sharing and subscribing it is greatly appreciated!! 


Now, as per my previous post I stated that I would allow my followers, friends and family to pick a topic that they would like me to write about and the winner is *drum roll* BULLYING!! So,Today we will be focusing on BULLYING and exploring both sides of bullying (I know some of you guys are like wait,what? There’s two sides 🤭) but yes TWO sides!! Just wait for it!!


I recently watched a show called 13 Reasons Why and although I have been an advocate against bullying this show just really motivated me to step it up notch. So kick back, grab your reading glasses (if you need them), a notebook and pen and maybe even some tissues because I am going to talk about bullying In a way that it has not been talked about before!

So what exactly is bullying? Well according to Webster dictionary bullying is defined as followed: use of  superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants. But Isn’t it true that there is more then one definition when regarding bullying? And if there are multiple definitions then which one do we use? Tricky huh? Confusing? Well just wait because it gets better 🤔!!

There are always two sides to every story right? So when discussing bullying we have to consider both the perpetrators and victims sides and that’s exactly what I am going to do today. I will not be holding back any punches (or kicks), I am going to give it to you guys raw and uncut! We all know that things are going to get worse before they get better so why not start here?!



Has anyone every wondered why the bully bullies? No we do not! We feel bad for the victim and completely disregard the perpetrator. Why is that? Are we not aware that by figuring out the underlying problem we can ultimately find a solution to the general problem? No we don’t think that far either. (Hey don’t worry its not just you!)

So many children suffer in silence and the only way to get adequate attention is by acting out in sometimes hurtful and harmful ways. Ironically, the attention does come but not in the way that it should! Instead of immediately resulting in detention or suspension or worst expulsion we need to comfort these students and figure out if they them selves are being abused ; sexually, physically, emotionally or mentally, we need to figure out if they are afraid of someone or something, we need to ask questions before jumping to conclusions. Because after we expel these children do you think the bullying that they are doing stops? No it continues…. And what do you think occurs once they are expelled from school? The go out in to the world with no direction, and ultimately end up in jail or worse… DEAD.



When a student, friend or family member comes to you and tells you that they are being bullied what is your immediate reaction? I mean do you even react? Or do you brush them off and tell them “your probably overreacting?” In many situations teenagers/ young adults don’t even want to confide in an adult if things like this are occurring and for good reason. They fear that they won’t be helped or that the adult won’t understand or worse that they won’t care.

Children are getting bullied beyond school because of this really powerful tool that we have called the internet! You have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so many other platforms where bullying can be executed. But bullying does start somewhere and it starts at school. — you may not have the latest sneakers or clothes so you’re instantly a “bum” or your “poor” and that’s cause to get bullied. Or you may not prefer a contact sport so your “gay” (or worse) another cause behind bullying. There are so many reasons why one can get bullied but does it matter why? NO ONE SHOULD BE BULLIED BECAUSE THEY ARE DIFFERENT!! And yet it happens.

Sometimes you have people who can make it threw with committing suicide or causing bodily harm to themselves (meaning cutting or burning) but what about the people who aren’t strong enough to live through the pain? What about those who want to seek revenge because of the pain? What then? Why does it take a death or multiple deaths to occur for awareness on bullying to occur?


I bet you feel bad now:

So what do you think? People just wake up and want to be a bully? No I don’t think so, I believe that some thing traumatic has happened to them or is happening to that is causing them to react in such a negative way. I know, I know some people are just ass holes, but you can’t write all bullies off because of a few scattered ass holes!

Hold on wait I’m not done! Can you answer this question? Do you think those students who go to school with guns and shoot teachers and students and faculty jus woke up one morning and decided to be a murder? Decided to throw their whole life away? No I don’t think so! I believe they were bullied and humiliated and when they sought out help they did not receive it. So their only option was to murder! Now yes I also know that some people suffer from mental health illness; but what is the guidance counselor for? 🤔

I say all that to say this… Bullying is a two way street. we can not automatically jump to conclusions without having adequate information. We must educate our selves on the signs of what a victim looks like and what a perpetrator looks like so we can better assess the situation and prevent things like suicide or mass school shootings from occurring. Now I no way believe that we can stop major things like that from occurring but I do think that we have to start somewhere!

As always,

Peace & Love

– Jaquasia C.


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